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Adidas: an iconic sports brand

When it comes to Adidas footwear, our assortment includes both regular trainers as well as fashionable sneakers. The price list of our clothing store in Vilnius for Adidas shoes and clothing items is permanently reduced by at least 30%, with peaks of special discounts up to 70%. The originally German three stripes apparel brand has developed itself over the past decades into many disparate directions. With its over 900 million sports and lifestyle items produced every year all over the world Adidas represents much more than just a sports brand.

The iconic clothing collections designed by Adidas cover virtually every kind of sports, as witnessed by its plethora of sponsorships in favour of many national teams and several major sports clubs all over the globe.

Sports play a steadily increasing role in more and more people’s lives and is core to an individual’s health and happiness. Adidas has rightfully established itself as a dynamic source of inspiration and innovation in the sports world by providing accessible sportswear for all.

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Adidas logo and new-old horizons in sports footware

In its early stages the company in the beginning simply labelled every manufactured piece with three black stripes. They represent North America, Europe and Asia, the three major land masses in terms of their respective sales figures. Over the course of the decades, the logo has undergone two major redesigns to enrich its meaningfulness and attractiveness. Its most actual version was meant to resemble a mountain in order to embody the challenge of overcoming one’s own limits.

The lower-case font stands for the informal and casual nature of the brand. Speaking of recent releases, the Adidas Originals series available at our outlet in Vilnius distinguishes itself from the competition by virtue of the breathable upper material, the responsive midsole and the unique lacing bar. From the design standpoint, multiple references to the unforgettable ‘90s are quite self-evident in this case.

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