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Plenty of Nike sportswear at substantially discounted prices are awaiting you in our spacious and bright sportswear store!

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Nike footwear & sportsware set standards

Besides such paradigmatic running shoes like the Nike Air Max, our shelves display a vast selection of fashionable Nike hoodies, t-shirts, joggers and tracksuits in different sizes and colours. Nike products for men, ladies and kids at tempting sale prices are primarily designed for ultimate performance.

However, they are also able to provide unimaginable all-day comfort to feel at ease while rushing into the big city life or just watching Friends on the sofa in a cosy, relaxed atmosphere. Nike apparel stands out for its bold colours along with its noticeably slim fits. Nike turns sports clothing into an eye-catching fashion matter.

Featuring footwear, apparel and accessories at massively reduced prices, our outlet store in Vilnius offers you the chance to add top-flight clothes to your wardrobe.

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“Swoosh”! Nike logo and innovations in sports footwear

The worldwide recognizable Nike Logo contains a clear message of dynamism. The sculptural tension is perceived through the curved line heading from top to bottom and then again from bottom to top. This graphic element suggests the idea of a fast movement from one point to another without telling anything about its origins or destination. The onomatopoeic “swoosh”, which meanwhile has become a term of common usage, enjoys such a popularity that the brand can afford to leave out its own name from the corporate’s logo without losing anything in terms of visibility.

Besides keeping on producing such brilliant, long-lasting Nike footwear series, such as, for instance, the Nike Pegasus, Nike works tirelessly to enrich its pairs of shoes and clothing items with innovative technologies. For instance, the All Natural Movement series, newly available at our outlet in Vilnius, increases the stiffness of the foam thanks to its peculiar laser-carved flex grooves. This, in turn, puts the feet in the condition to move every way they need to.

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